how to clean bearings my way

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when i noticed my bearing needed to be cleaned i got a GLASS bottle put in some mineral spirits and soaked my bearing in it for about 6-7 minutes while shacking it around.well i put my bearing back in and played it so about a week later i put on some aresol gun oil and it worked way better then it did with out it and it was about 10 times quieter

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How is this different? You used gun oil, a recommended lube and cleaned it in mineral spirits, a recommended solvent. You just waited to put the lube in which doesn’t make a difference.

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ya iknow but i am just saying this is how i clean my bearings,causse maybe somone new hasnt seen any other post/tips


cough TROLLcough

unlike you, i was informed greatly by his post and im glad he posted it. I am probably gonna be using this method from now on, after reading his results.


I would tend to side with PlasticWhip. He isn’t trolling, that’s for sure. The fact of the matter is that all this thread does is poorly paraphrase the stickied guide to cleaning bearings. There really is no new information here.

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thank you