Bearing Cleaning Question

My dad bought me Mineral Spirits, so I gave bearing cleaning a try with my extra, messed up bearing. I cleaned it, did everything nicely, but when I added Lube, i didnt have any thin Lube, so I put clipper oil in it. Will that have the same effect?It sounds smooth, but I want to check. Also, because there is lube in there, will the bearing still destroy itself?

It plays really smooth, but I’m just curious

No matter what lube you use it should work just fine. Heck i use to use cooking oil for lube. The clipper lube is gonna be fine on it i use some of my moms clipper lube too . another good lube is 3-in-1 machine lubricant. its thick but its great for looping and for any one who is a novice to yoyoing. Also if there is lube it will not destroy its self it will be fine. Later and remember keep it spinning.

I never use lube, but then again I rarely clean bearings. :slight_smile:

can v use simple machine oil to clean bearings? ???
or hair oil, cooking oil, any other oil