Cleaning Bearings

What bearings do you have and what do you clean them in
also what should i clean mine in to make them the best as possible
i have a yyn bearing, 10 ball bering ,yyj bearing, and a spec bearing

i have i yyj bearing and i cleaned it with mineral spirits(piant thiner)and i don’t know if it helped that much, because i had already broken it in. I think when u would want to clean a bearing is when u first get it becuase when they come from the factory they have a whole bunch of lube in them and evan if it’s thin lube a lot of can still slow the bearing down. So basicly what cleaning a bearing does is get all of the lube out so u can put just a tiny bit or none at all in.

I believe that if you use your bearings for a very long amount of time, dirt will eventually catch up in your bearing. Then you should clean it. If your bearing starts to play oddly and/or bad, you might consider giving it a clean-and-lube treatment.

What I do to clean a bearing is put some Mineral Spirits in a contact case and put the deshielded bearing in there. Then I shake it a little bit and let it sit for about 5 minutes and shake it around again. I do this only for about 10 or 15 minutes and then take it out and use an air compressor and blow on it for about 5 minutes until it’s dry. Then I put a drop of thin lube on a toothpick and put that drop around on the balls then spin it for a little bit to get it worked in. Then you put the shields back on and play =)
The reason you do this is to get the old lube and anything else that got lose in there out. This makes it spin longer and last much longer.

OOOh I have something to:

Add(ment): try to put the mineral spirits in glass. You don’t want to risk any plastic gunk in your bearing.

I have all stock, never gotten bearing upgrade, I clean them in Mineral Spirits. I use any old glass can or plastic bottles that I don’t care about.

I have YYJ stocks,SPECs,10-balls and will get a dorothy(I know hey are out of production,but I can get one),I might also get a kk.I clean them in mineral spirits. :smiley:

my main player i have a ceramic KK in which is broken in, never cleaned it.

and in the rest of my yoyos i have specs which i dont clean as they are already unresponsive out of the box.