Any videos of cleaning bearings?

Does anyone have a video/know a video that explains how to clean bearings with mineral spirits? When I tried it my bearing didn’t get cleaned so I need to know like how long to leave it in and what to do after etc.


  1. Take the clip off bearing housing with needle.

  2. Take housing/cover off the bearing. Now the insides can be seen and cleaner can get to it.

  3. Pour cleaning liquid into a container (glass works best, like tiny jar) and put bearing into liquid.

  4. Either close the jar and shake or if no cap stir.

  5. Take bearing out and spin it. Put back into solution and repeat if want to. As long as liquid gets spun through bearing a couple times it will rid it of any foreign objects.

  6. Let it dry for atleast 15 minutes. Hit it with some compressed air if have it available.

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Repeat or buy new bearing if still no luck.

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By any chance did you happen to looks here:

List of useful modification and maintenance guides

Which would ultimately lead to here:

How to Clean Your YoYo Bearing.

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