How to choose tricks

Hello all, I hope this is not a repeat thread. I have been wondering how throwers choose the tricks they learn.
What advice can you share on choosing the next trick, and building off why you’ve learned?

Thanks for your advice!!!

Learn the tricks that look cool to you! :slight_smile: It’s as simple as that.

The only other thing to consider is what tricks you need to be able to do to build up to that trick. Say you want to learn magic trick. First you have to learn wrist mount.

Awesome! Thanks!

Just keep learning tricks. You’ll find that you already know how to do a few of the steps based on other tricks you have learned. If you’re having a hard time with a trick, you can always learn another trick and come back to the thing that was giving you difficulty. Some good places to find tricks are:

Yo-yo expert learn tricks page:
Mr. Yoyo Thrower trick list (Sorted by difficulty, type of trick, etc):
“Impressive Intermediate Tricks?” thread:,87465.0.html
The “I Finally Landed It” thread:,26864.0.html

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Good advice right here.