how to buy things in yoyoexpert shop??


can somebody tell me the steps and payment methods to buy something in yye shop??

(Mitch) #2
  1. Click the “Shop” tab
  2. Pick through all the companys and decide on what you want.
  3. After you are on the page of what you wish to buy, click the “ADD TO CART” button
  4. after you have filled your shopping cart of what you want go to the very top of the page and look to the far right. select the “View Cart” button…
  5. Make sure every thing is right… Then when you are ready to buy click “CONTINUE TO CHECK OUT”
  6. Fill out your info, and click “CONTINUE” this step will make future payments quicker
  7. Now fill out your shipping info, and select your shipping option, click “CONTINUE”
  8. Now choose your payment method and fill out the requried info. Finish up and you’ll soon have a yoyo!!!

(Jamesofyoyo) #3

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