How to be a Cool Kid Yoyoer (Parody)


I made another stupid parody since i was bored. Enjoy ;D


Heyyyyy your the cracked northstar guy. :o


hahaha yeah!

(Khent G) #4

LMAO Nice dude! Cool editing and the mystery guy… LOlzzZz

(DOGS) #5


In all seriousness, though, I have something that kinda fits into this thread, and it was recently on my mind. The one thing some yoyoers need to realize is this: You’re NOT cool! No, you’re really not. Stop spreading your arms and making the “what now, b****?” face after you bind. It’s stupid and annoying, and contrary to what you’re trying to achieve, makes you look like a fool. You don’t have swagger. Stop.

Anyways, I liked this parody. It made me laugh.


Lol, this video is based off of randomness and nothing more. This was a parody and its not how I would actually act. The role I was playing was pointless and retarded. lol But it was all for fun.

(DOGS) #7

Not directed at you :wink:

(Troy(oyo) #8

What Brent stole was that trick.


LOL funny generic voice :stuck_out_tongue: