how tall are you? thread

I’ll start im 5’


5’4 13 years old

6’3" 8)

18 years old and 6’4" hehe, need long string

Fifteen years old and a lil over 5’9.

I’m 12 and 5’3


yeah am tall

11 and 4’9

Tall enough to ride the ride.
(17 and 5’11" or 6’. Not really sure which.)


11 and 5’7

4 feet 19 inches

Ha Ha me too!

Most people don’t know that I’m actually only 4’ 2" and 24 years old…

I don’t know how tall I am I know I’m near 6 foot but don’t think I’m there yet.

I’m short. Around 5’4" or 5’5" and I’m going on 22 this month. So I’m done growing. (Growing up, not round :wink: )

Small people stick together! Ive got a growth problem so my body doesnt produce growth stuff, so I have to get shots and whatnot. I’m 11 and 5’2. But thats really small compared to my friends.

Crap. I was just kidding. Now I feel terrible. I’m 6’2" 24yo. I apologize if I offended you yoyoguy.


I’m an oompa loompa (I have no idea how tall I am)