How Secure is you password?

I found a nice applet that tells you how long it would take a PC to crack your password.

My password to these forums would take 63,050,034 years to crack.

“abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” would take 48,769,956,080,379,610,000 years to crack.

To get exact numbers, click show settings and uncheck the “Use Named Numbers” box.

for me it would take 6 hours :stuck_out_tongue: but who spends time trying to hack yoyoexpert passwords?

The credit card hacker who attacked last year :wink:

my facebook password takes 4 quadrillion years to cracks.

there was one?! well i registered in june, so technically im pretty new.

i played with it, and whenever i typed in a bad word it said “instantly” lol!

You know if you type your password on the forums it actually blocks it out for you.

Here’s mine-


857 sextillion years. One of my more important ones anyways.

this used to be my password coughSRcough

I haven’t actually gone to the website yet but it seems like the website could be taking your information. It could also be perfectly fine but I would be cautious.
Also, “good” hackers would probably take a lot less time.
Sorry to be that killjoy or Johnny rain cloud but I just thought I should mention. :wink:


how did i fall for that…


You know its funny…if you type you pass in this thing, its forever on the net now…in the open database of this site…So theoretically…if this site got hacked…MWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Cherry Cola!!!

Apparently mine would take only 15 hours…I call BS, cause Mine isn’t a common word, and its not even in the dictionary…This site bases it off of patterns and length, not human Logic…So of course A computer can figure it out better than a Human hacker…oh well…My pass is fine…its kept me safe for 8 years…My other supposedly takes 37 years??? Really? weird…Its two real words, plus a few digits…weird. and if I put a space in it, which most pw’s cant have, 333 thousand years…lol

Not true ;D Lol, though.

That would be awesome…

A computer is what people use to hack passwords with brute force. Even if your password doesn’t have any words or common characters it still won’t take very long to hack into if it isn’t very long. There is also a warning at the bottom if your password is made up of only words. You cherry picked what it said about each one.

You think I haven’t played an MMORPG before. =P

.000005497 seconds…

Yeah fix that.

My password I use for mmorpgs would take 344,139 years. My YYE pass would take 10 days.

But who makes those hackung programs? People…just cause a computer is implementing it doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Just saying…a person made this site, right? So how does he know the years and all that ? Just food for thought …and my first password does have digits…that’s why I called BS …there’s a reason I use it for almost everything that’s important.