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dryoyo admin edit - this is really what you want right?

(Chris Allen) #2

stop being such an attention sponge


Looks like some admin pwnage happened here xD

Swyped from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2

(DOGS) #4

Well crud. Now I wanna see what happened. Y’know, so I could have a nice healthy laugh.





(SlimJoe) #7

He’s hacked here too.

(DOGS) #8

I’m still putting my money on Morgan Freeman for president, but okay, Dr. Yoyo for president I guess.

(Jei Cheetah) #9

For the record, as seen on facebook, he got hacked and whoever hacked him ended up posting some not so nice stuff around the forums.

Not fun.

: \


Just hearing Morgan Freeman making speeches would be worth it.

That or James Earl Jones!

Too bad the movie previews guy died.

As I recommend, frequent password changes that are not “easy to remember words or phrases or number sequences” and are “8 or more characters and include at least 1 capital and 1 lower case and 3-5 numbers, and if possible a special”.


Wait, who was hacked? I’m confused.


Ummm, no, the account wasn’t hacked. Post came from the same IP the guy has historically used. He and his friend were looking for attention.

(SR) #13

I… I don’t understand. haha

Why is this not deleted? lol


Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to leave up an example to remind us all of the type of behavior we really don’t need at YYE.