How Often Do You Change Your String

just wondering ???

How long do u use your sting

Usually it’ll get a bunch of tiny knots in it, then I’m like “oooh, time to change!”

about every two weeks

When ever I need to. Basically when tension is no good.

20 Minutes.

When my string starts to feel like it is getting thin, then I change it, so hopefully it won’t snap during a throw.
I hope this helps.

Once a week.

I usually don’t have a set time. I used the same string for a good month or two straight on my Dv888. I tend to change the string when I can’t keep the tension for very long. After a few tricks, if the tension has changed drastically, I usually say its time to change.

All up to you.

Yah just like Mamonga I usually change it when the tension starts really jumping around easily. That and if its not sliding across my fingers well and slacks are poor.

every couple of days

Me too ;D

On my 888 once every day or two, on my No-Jive about once a week… Those are my two main players.

since i started the ‘cones to balls’ project with steve brown and j-def, i go a LLLOOONNNGG time. that type 10 cotton lasts forever. i usually change out when it’s gone from white to properly gray.

to give you some idea, i’ve used about 75 strings (give or take) since october, and i play a lot of different yo-yo’s.

Every couple days I usually change the string.

I usually change strings about once every 4-7 days, depending on how much yo-yo time I can squeeze into a day. And… I like to change the strings of ALL my yo-yos at the same time, when possible and needed. I don’t know, it’s a strange habit I developed when I started throwing…

about once every day or so.

usually every couple of days but sometimes its once a fortnight

30 minutes.
With Sick string. never. haha

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When it looks like it’s about to break, when it the tension control is ridiculous (which doesn’t happen to me often). It depends on what yoyo too. On my Speeder, a few days. On my Peak, 30 to 60 minutes on my E1NS, a few days.

lately i’ve been going through 2-3 strings a day…when i had gator floss i never had to change it