how often do you change your bearing and respones

i was just thinking how often you change your bearing coz i haven’t chang my bearing before
and by the way can i use yoyo jam’s silicone for my counter attack if not what can i use for my new
yoyo response ??? ??? reply plzz

I haven’t ever had a response or bearing crap out on me. I think that 8 months is the longest I’ve had a single yoyo and I’ve used the same response and bearing the whole time. Some times I like to swap in a 10 ball bearing when I like a quieter play.

Maybe I just don’t wear stuff down like others.

Some of my bearings are 7 years old and still play great. Unless it has some manufacturing defect, you probably won’t ever need to change one.

Response depends on the type. Anything from a month or two for some stickers, up to a couple of years on silicone.

I’ve never had a bearing go out on me. I’d say the life on one of those is generally measured in years so long as it doesn’t rust or corrode from being outside or something.

Responses…I just change them when they’re bad. It’s usually a matter of changing a response that is obviously worn just by looking at it, if not completely gone or broken.

As for your counter attack, it looks to me like you could silicone it. Although, I’d probably just buy some replacement broad pads from the yyf section in the shop here.

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When the bearing locks up, and when the yoyo won’t respond.

I’ve changed bearing because I’ve wanted to try something else or was experimenting, but not because “I had to” on anything I’ve bought new.

There’s been a few yoyos I’ve bought via BST that were sold to me with bad bearings, but I also have to state that the sellers stated this up front. In fact, a seller has recently sold me a yoyo and has told me the bearing needs to be replaced BEFORE I accepted the final price.

Responses? I finally wore out the response in my DM2 after around 8 months of play, but not all of it heavy play. I replaced 3 responses in my Aodas because I didn’t like the plastic ring they use. I had my RecRec Sharp modified to have a silicone groove so I could use flowable. By small bearing bassalope needed a replacement set of pads after I received it, but that’s no big deal(bought it used). But, in general, because I tend to rotate between so many yoyos, I don’t have to do stuff too often.

I ued a Toxic string in my DM2 after putting in flowable silicone(and letting it cure) and it just tore the crap out of the response. Flowable is kinda soft. I may re-silicone my DM2 this week since this week I’m evaluating a Royale and will be using it exclusively, despite the fact I’ve recently received many other yoyos I’d also like to be playing as well.

I also siliconed my friend’s PGM but I think he’s had it for a year. Those pads were shot! I’ll typically silicone any yoyo for free if people don’t mind waiting 2 days. I tend to do the work late at night and I don’t move the yoyo for a full 24 hours.

I"m also planing on buying some yoyos for the specific purpose of modifying them by using flowable instead of rings.(Lyn Fury if you must know, maybe another Big Yo)

I don’t really keep track of things like how long response pads last. I know when my kids’ yoyos need new responses I’m going to silicone those. They have other yoyos, they can wait!

I’ve never “had” to replace a bearing, but I’ve swapped a couple for a KK. Bearings are fairly robust. they only die if you mistreat them.

Changed response - depends on the yoyo and the response. When I used duncan friction stickers it was quite frequent. When I move to duncan sili stickers it became almost a non-event. YYJ o-rings have never been replaced.

I had a slew of non-stainless bearings that I was running dry develop corrosion that were ruined - I don’t run my bearings dry anymore. I’ve also had some bearings suck in a cat hair or some such and never run smoothly again afterward. But barring something like that - and as others have already said - bearings can last a very, very long time.

Duncan friction stickers are the only response I’ve ever used that wore out quickly. With everything else, I either change when they fall out or binds start slipping.

Thank you every one for your advice ;D but a just bought my counter attack for just a week I guest I was a bit to worry coz it my first metal rimed yoyo