How not to apply Adhesive RTV silicone :)
I wonder how it’ll turn out?

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you can fix that with a razor blade :wink:

Yup. That’s pretty sloppy work.

Nothing is lost, You should have at least used a stiff card to smooth out the actual recess. You’ll be able to remove all the stuff you don’t want with a razor blade and a toothpick and rubbing off the rest. Just make sure you get that bearing seat completely clear of silicone and you’ll be fine.

Kids and razor blades are a bad combination… :wink:

Looks solid.

Let me know how it plays.


Seriously. I’ve never needed to use anything other than my fingernails and a toothpick to remove excess silicone.

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I has some dried silicone stuck on my syringe. So when it came out it came out hard and gooey. I did use a card and stuff, it just came out in the seat.

Yeah - the silicone that stays in those plastic syringes dries out relatively quickly. I used to cut the end of the syringe so that it had a wider opening so that I could push that hardened silicone out with a screwdriver. Now I just don’t use the syringe at all and instead dispense the silicone straight out of the tube and into the recess.

I use the tube spout thing that comes with it for flowable. But this stuff is impossible to get out with the spout without cracking the tube. It takes extreme muscle to do it. Me and my dad had trouble when I first bought it. Then it sat in the garage for quite a few months. Now with the syringe it’s easy as pie!

I have a tube of the Permatex and I use a child/infant medicine syringe that came with I think baby Advil. I put the syringe into the Permatex tube opening, withdraw some flowable, then use the syringe to apply into the recess. I let that site for a few minutes, then remove the excess. I let it cure for 24 hours, clean off any other excess that went into the bearing recess or elsewhere, and it’s good to go. Recapping the tube really minimizes waste.

I’m not wasting a whole lot doing it this way and I still have a majority of the tube left. The “nozzle” that was include I find is ideal for spinning most bearing sizes on when I’m cleaning them.

Using red or blue is unfortunately messy, but completely necessary. However, with practice, not that much is really wasted either and usually clean-up is a bit easier as well.