How much was the tishee?

How much was it? Just wondering!

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275$ or 300$ I think.

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So far, its cost me 50 bucks and a while lot of wondering wth is gong on. Ive had no contact, zero updates, and only hear whispers in the wind here and there.

Usually im kept in the loop of pre orders ive paid for but not this time. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth honestly.


Sounds like @G2_Jake is waiting on boxes and looking at a delayed mid September release at this point


Thanks for the update! I wonder why he hasn’t been keeping us updated on its progress. A quick one liner here or there would have sufficed. Just felt a little neglected I guess.


I’m basically taking a social break. No messages on FB or IG. No YYE forums or reddit. No YouTube.

If you sent an email I’ve replied. As always that’s the best way to contact any company.

Last update I posted said they were here, but I needed to wait on boxes. I don’t have a date yet for boxes. I’d like a good date for that So I can give a date for you to look for your invoices. Instead of updating with no real updates.


Thank you. It means a lot to be kept in the loop. Im not looking for exact times, just overall status of the project. Even if the update is a non-update. Keeping us in the loop is really appreciated. A quick one liner here or there goes a long way in keeping the peace of mind.

The media blackout was discerning to say the least. Or it was to me anyway.


Also, instagram is becoming more and more impossible to follow anything through the ads and terrible new algorithms. That is one of the worst places to share news, is losing followers daily, and feels like another FB-esque sinking ship vibe.


As I recall, the raw was $265 and the other two were $285.