How many Whip Catches can you do in a row?


I did 7 on my BigYo!

How many can you do in a row?

And I did about 4 Multiple Whip Catches in a row too. ;D


i can do 2 on my kickside


I did 6 on my Legacy. ;D


14 jade whips, if that counts.


Nope, offstring whip catches only. But I only did about 5 Jade whips in a row.


I did… 4 on my FAST offstring.


I did OVER 9000!!! Haha sorry, just had to.

I’ve gotten 5 or 6 before.

(_|@<06) #8

LOL very nice

Ive done 4 :smiley: im still new…


I’ve done 17 once. Afer that. I tried the 18th, my brother distracted me, the door was open, I missed, and the yoyo rolled down the stairs, into a bush and I couldn’t find it. And my Offstring journey ended…


Oh dang that sucks man. Same thing happened to me. Except that I found it and it was on my backyard. LOL!


19!!! lot of practice!!! ;D

(screamo) #12

i’m not good atit, beforei did too in a row with my only yoyo, i don’t have a yoyo durable enough forfalls.

(laxdude99) #13

8 with my hayabusa sl


I’ve done about 40 or so. Don’t remember the yo but it was metal.

(DOGS) #15

one…if I’m lucky


Dude… Are you like, God of Offstring?

(LookAYoYo) #17

whip catches: 1

or do you mean just a regular offstring mount?


And one thing why it’s really impossible is because no yoyo can’t spin that long and he’ probably dead now because of extreme fatigue.

Just practice guys!

(yokaiyo) #19

I just did 10 on my Aquarius.

keep spinning



yes!!! i’ve reached 35 whip catches. If you want to kmow how many crazy reverse leg orbits I can do I can do bout 40 of em!!! :slight_smile: