CONTEST!!!! how many trapezes can you do in a row on your FIRST try?

i did not count yet but i will shortly, u dont need a vid or anything just post it

38 and then I got bored.

lol just tried and i only got 9 haha that sucks lol ive gotten like 100 before oh well that was my first try

I’ve gotten over 9000.
But really I stopped after 20. It just got boring.

as many as i want! :o

If you have a big yo you could get over 5000

like a bazillion…or until my yoyo stops spinning.

A better question would be: How many REGENERATED trapeze can you do?
Gonna need a responsive throw for that. But its a challenge.

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I got bored after 7…yeah.

I’m sure I could do a lot more.

too many to count…


ditto ditto, I did 38 than I got bored

i did 26 and got bored lol

I could only get thirteen, but it was probably cause I was using a sucky ducan butterfly

Why if you have a big yo?

Since you say I don’t need a video, I did 9258373. :stuck_out_tongue:

Josh, yes. That’d be fun.

120 then i got bored and ate a toaster strudel

none nah… i hevent tried counting them

i did 15 with a loop 720 :smiley:

I can do split the Atom with a Duncan Butterfly! It’s hard though. I, as do you, prefer Bearing Yo-Yos.