How many tricks can you do?


Hey everyone! :smiley:

I’ve never done a poll before so I figured why not make one after i tried to make a list of all the tricks i know by heart.

So here’s the deal. There are some of us that learn a new trick and do it over and over till it becomes second nature and there are others that learn a new trick and move on to the next but is it learned or did you get a little lucky. There are tons of tricks in this world and many different classes to do them in. I’ve put together this poll so we can see how we stand up in our own community. What qualifies in your arsenal as a learned trick? Any trick you can do at least 3 out of 5 times in a row, whether its smooth or not. So count up all the tricks you can do in every division and pick that number on the poll. If you like, you can make a post with how many you can do in each division. Lets keep it as honest as possible. Just facts about what our community is capable of. ;D


I can do about 80.


i can do somewhere around 190


Yea i did start on the yomegamania dvd way back when, then YoYoExpert’s learn list, then high speed, a bunch from youtube, and halfway through rethinkyoyo. But you have to take into consideration some repeat over websites so that why I’m working on a list for myself.

I’m up somewhere near 250.


Like 20. I don’t learn tricks, I make my own.


Yeah but tricks you make yourself are still tricks…


Sorry, I meant to say that I don’t do tricks, I just yoyo. I do combos that I’ll probably never repeat. I do enjoy short tricks like brent stole though. I’m just artsy fartsy. It’s a way I express my creativity.


Somewhere around 60-80, I didn’t realize I knew so many! XD


Wait so every combo you throw is a new combo?

(Zammy Ickler ) #10

On a personal note, I am too scared to realize how many I can do.


Haha, I can’t even imagine…

I don’t know too many tricks that there are tutorials for. I know a lot of basic ones and some advanced tricks, but for the most part I just make up my own. I really don’t know how many I know.


what qualifies as a trick?


i would say like 1000-3000 or maybe more, haha!

oh, i thought we were just counting tricks that you learned that have all ready been made up. in that case, add like 40 of my made up combos.


15 combos. And only 5 I can do it like a flow…


For everyone’s reference, there’s about 90 1A tricks on Andre’s tutorials alone.


Dang I feel like a noob around you guys. I can do just under 60 “tricks”. Lately I have just been making up combos using parts from tricks, not “whole tricks”. I guess Im not bad for only been throwing for a month. ;D

Here is my list… probably TL so DR; :-\


Break Away
Forward Pass
Inside Loop
Outside Loop
Around The World
World Tour
Hop The Fence
Planet Hops
Tidal Wave
Pop The Clutch

Front Style String Tricks

Brain Scrambler
Reverse Flip
Barrel Roll
Split Bottom Mount
One Finger Spin
Mach 5
Split The Atom
Washing Off
Pop 'N Fresh
Boingy Boing

Side Style String Tricks

Reverse Flip
Oliver Twist
Barrel Roll
Brother Mount
Jedi Backflip
Green Triangle
Wrist Mount
Houdini Mount
Double Or Nothing
1&1/2 Side Mount
Buddha’s Revenge
Cold Fusion
Gyroscopic Flop
Eli Hops
Black Hops Junior
Skin The Gerbil

Slacks, Whips, & Grinds

Plastic Whip
Iron Whip
Wrist Whip
Laceration (x2)
Brother Slack
Ninja Vanish
Finger Grind
Thumb Grind
Arm Grind


I can’t do many, just moved into learning the advanced stuff. I guess I would consider a trick “learned” when I can land it more often than not. It is learned when I at least have the mechanics down, without having to think about it. I guess I would consider being proficient at a trick a much higher standard. Being proficient, the misses would be rare.


I can do sqrt(-1) + 1/0 tricks