How many Ti Walkers were made?

who has one and how many were made?

80 made

I have one

There were 90 A grade made. But I think there were actually a grand total of 93 made, including 2 prototypes, and an unengraved one which went to jason wong.

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I have 2. A regular one and a Jason Wong ano’d one.

Easily one of the very best yoyos ever made. (In my opinion).

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I have one. It is also Jason Wong’ed. No doubt; one of the best yo-yo’s ever created. I wish SOMEONE would buy the rights from VSNYC/Heath, and make more. It is a shame that more people do not have a chance to own one.


Nah, that’s just a fact. :stuck_out_tongue:
I got to throw one for a few minutes and I was blown away by how good it is. It’s a real shame that no more will be made.