New YYJ metal?


(2Sick Joey) #2

Nope that was a prototype Yoyo that never made production from a few years back. I believe only 10 or 20 were made


Dude, I hate you lol. I’ve wanted an Edge for a while, ever since you showed a picture of it on YYN.


I showed a pic of it?


Only 4 made.

(2Sick Joey) #6

I think your thinking of the metal hitman. There were 4 of those made. I’m pretty sure there were more than that made.


Too bad Sasha didn’t make more of the Metal Hitman. He told me he thought about making more so he could buy a new car after he saw how much his were going for. lol. It was a great yoyo, especially for being made way back in '06.


May have been someone else, but it was when I asked what the two new YYJ metals were gonna be.


I wish YYJ would revisit this design instead of doing the Deja Vu and marbled metal which I think are pretty gimmicky and pointless.


I remember seeing this yoyo now that you mention it… Don’t know when it was though. I forgot about it apparently.


Of that’s just what the YoyoBrothers instagram says.

(2Sick Joey) #12

Considering I’ve seen this hit the bst at least a couple times I would think more than 4 were made but it could be.