how many professionals can we get to post on this thread?!?


dont ask im bored. pm them! 1. 2. 3. GO!


cough I’m here!!! cough lol, sorry…been one of those nights…Get 'em over here, now!




Well I do own NCIS Nor Cal Inspired String. (Name change coming soon) So yeah I’m a pretty big deal. LOL

(WildCat23) #5

So far… None! :stuck_out_tongue:



can i count i met Steve Brown and Andre Boulay? and got both their autographs?


i am the owner of the new string brand (that does not sell string) epic string! ;D


you definitely count as a professional.


“Professional” is a term not very many yoyo players get to use about themselves. Professional implies that they make pretty much their entire living off yoyos. Just because it says “professional” under their name doesn’t mean they are one, ;).

Sponsored does not equal professional, is what I’m trying to get at. Anywhere else these guys would be considered amateurs(simply due to the amount of money involved, in MANY cases, zero $).

Higby family, pro yoyo players/perfomers. Steve Brown with Duncan, professional yoyo player. Miggy, Tyler, Pat, pros.


if we are going like that andre. except he makes a living from selling not performing.


Well if were considering the whole making a living. I haven’t made much money, but I do have a near case of yoyos that I traded strings for. So I made a hobby, or part of my life from my company that is yo-yo related.