How many messages do you have?

HOw many messages do you guys have?

I have 358, I’m sure a few of you have over a thousand! I’m kinda interested, being the creepy guy I am, so if you wanna share, share. If you wanna let this thread die out, well, POST PONIES!!! No really don’t, unless your name starts with a Tr and ends with an ace


650 ;D

11 PMs If that’s what were talking about here… Not sure… I’ll just post ponies…

Where have you been?

I have 11…

So we’re not allowed to post ponies unless our name starts with a Tr and ends with an ace? I doubt that that will happen for a while.

Where have you been?
What do you mean where have I been? xD


I don’t know I haven’t seen you post in forever! Maybe I’m just in the wrong place at the wrong time… But I could sware I was ever where at all times…

Yeah, I took a break from posting for a while. I dont even post that much anymore, but every once in a while I do. :wink:

Good to hear your still here even if your just lurking. C=

Hey, thanks man. I appreciate it!


I want Andre to post here ;D


Fine I wont post a pony pick, but here’s a well you get the idea.


dude its kinda creepy cause im double yours EXACTLY 1300 pms

18 :stuck_out_tongue: