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So it s a monday afternoon and im in my office thinking… How long is it gonna take to learn all these tricks, currently learning the advance section 1… but im starting this forum to ask whats the best way to get something down. I currently have my wife looking at the videos with me, i just gave her my lyn fury and its just great to see her get into it., So if any one has any tips that would help me “get it” fast (i know it takes practice ) please feel free to answer

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Well how I learned most of my tricks is by watching the vids over and over. Really you just have to try many times in a row. It is also very useful to have another player there to learn with. If you see there mistake you can learn from it. Two heads are better then one. I hope that helps.

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I started about 6 months ago. I’m a fairly quick study(or at least I think I am). I pretty much throw all the time though. I’m in my cube thinking, I’m throwing. I’m talking to someone, I’m throwing. I’m eating lunch, between bites I’m throwing! I guess really it depends on you though. My step-son has been throwing(a lyn fury) for as long as I have, but he’s just into the Advanced 1, but I’m already into the Advanced 2 and I’ve also got some of the Expert 1 tricks (wrist mount, gyro flop and working on spirit bomb part 1).

Advice? If you’re not doing anything with your hands, throw a yo-yo and push yourself to do harder tricks. Also, pull the videos off the net so you can watch them off-line, and use a video player that you can step frame by frame, it helps. I put the tricks I’m working on in my PDA so I can peek at the video whenever I want wherever I’m at. It helps to take a look at the video again even when you think you have a trick down pat.

I don’t know any other yo-yo players so I’ve learned all my tricks right here. Andre’s videos, Media Player Classic and lots of hitting myself with a yo-yo till I get it right.



You’re gonna have to let me know how you got your wife throwing…maybe I can get my wife into it.


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Its quite funny, cause my wife and i were talking last night and she just got up picked up the lyn and started to look at video’s she enjoys it very much, i just started about 3 weeks ago and i just learned the martix and the plastic wrap last night its pretty awesome, but i just wanted to say thanks for the response and like robert says “keep spinning” its fun


Eacolon, I find the best way to learn tricks is, at least for multiple part tricks, to divide each trick into segments and focus on learning one part of a trick at a time.


Well my opinion is to learn better than faster because you can learn 10 tricks but it will happen one time to the other and you can learn 1 trick but youwill be able to complete it like you want without watching on yo-yo or somthing like this.So I think that tou can learn tricks on speed and on quality.I prefer quality variant ;D

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I just watch andre’s videos on youtube and videos on here. They’re GREAT. they have great teachers. just practice one trick over and over till u get it. thats what i do. Good luck!


You know how a batter in the ondeck circle will swing a weighted bat, so his bat will feel easier to swing at the plate? That’s kind of what I do. I’m still working on intermediate stuff, but if I’m having trouble with something, I’ll take my trusty old Mosquito to work, to practice with. If can get close to doing the trick with that, when I get home it’s suddenly really easy with my Kickside.

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