How long will a polish last?


A lot of times, whenever someone asks me to polish their yoyo, they ask “How long will the polish last until you need to re do it?” So here’s the answer, a well done polish will last a VERY long time. The higher the grits used in a polish, the longer the polish will last without being needing to be buffed up again. This 888x was polished up to 2000 grit, which is what I always go up to. The left side was just buffed up with Mothers Polish, no sanding, and the right side was polished around 2 months ago. How hard is it to tell the two sides apart?


Left side has noticeably less scratching than right side, no idea if it’s due to the sanding or not.

It’s amazing how clear you make these. Have you tried polishing a Ricochet even further then it already comes?


Both sides were polished at the same time, just buffed up the right side with Mothers. And polishing titanium isn’t really something I have a lot of experience with.


Maybe it’s the picture quality or how the light is hitting it, but I actually like the left side more.
Can a raw YYR be polished to this finish?


I meant left side lol. I mixed up left and right. Anyway, there are a few YYRs in my thread if you want to check those out. Click my sig.