how long have you been throwing?


havent seen one of these threads in a while, so i think its time for an update

as for me, 2.5 years


6.5 months.


and judging from some of your other posts, making good progress… keep it up! ;D


About three months, my best trick is a suicide. Which I land about 2.5 in a hundred :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. I try. Knowledge is one thing. Skill is another. The knowledge part is easy, getting the skill part is proving difficult. But, this is a journey and I’m enjoying where it takes me. I’m not planning on giving this up any time soon!


Same as Studio


Maybe around 5 years now.


5 months and I love it!


Almost one year. Got a kickside last year for Christmas and haven’t looked back.


nearly 11 months! gotta get ready for my 1 year vid!

I’m done with the entire list here in all styles but 2a.
_* _


2 1/2 years.


8.5 months


4 months I think. ???


1 Year 2 and Months ;D

(J. Lev) #15

Coming up on five years… looking forward to more :slight_smile:


5 months :slight_smile:


6 months 17 days as for now


1 yr 7 months and not very good lol. but I do it for fun.