How is the Phenomizm?


I want to get one, but, I want to know more before I buy. Can anyone help?


i LOVE my PHENOMIZM it is amazing i have a lime green version i got it at worlds. it feels great a unique feel, great for 3a and 1a BEAST forfor horizontel play this yoyo beats yoyos like a superstar in my opinion.

(Matty#14) #3

Best. Part Plastic. Ever. :o


Really smooth. Really stable. I love that yoyo.

(laxdude99) #5

Great yoyi

(Chase Baxter) #6

I love mine! Definitely reccomend it!


I will totally buy it if we had stock here in the philippines!!!


DUDE 2 words lol just buy it will 3 words but what eva :smiley: