Yoyo shops in Manila

Hey guys, next month I am going to Manila for a holiday. I’m planning to buy a yoyo while staying there.
Does anyone have any recommendations on where I could find professional yoyos? It could be online as well.

There are two active yoyo shops available in manila area,
for physical ones its redmantoys for online amd up to date ones its dailythrows

Look forward for the redman one because I believe they still have old yyj and yyf yoyos available

Have a safe trip!


Thank you so much, I’ll get some p44 string along the way

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Oh, and do you know if Redman has a list of available yoyos? Or maybe a online shop where I can see their products?

Much appreciated! :sparkles:

Also I believe they have some few last stocks of mini string packs that are philippine made before we moved our production to brunei.

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The last time I remember he had a current list for yoyos was around 2019-2020 ish but right now his main focus was now selling nike shoes and airsoft toys but I reckon some of his old stocks are still there in his shop.

additional note: you may need to dm his fb page if they are open at that day before you visit their shop