Any yoyo stores in the Phillipines?

Are there any good yoyo stores in Manila or Ilo Ilo? I am going to the Philipines soon so I kinda need to know

Not sure about Ilo Ilo.
Manila, there are few but not exactly yoyo stores but toy stores.
SM Megamall> Toy Kingdom
They sell Auldeys.
Robinson’s - Toys ‘R’ Us
I think they still have a few Bandai yoyos there.
SM(any branch I think) >SM Department Store
I saw some Bandai yoyos.
Where exactly will you be in Manila?
BTW there are some yoyo clubs around there. There are also online stores.

how much for the bandai yoyos and what are the models?im from manila.

I bought mine from

He has yoyojams, yoyofactory, duncan and more!

He’s an online seller but he loyal to his costumers!