How is the duncan haymaker beta

thinking abt getting this throw…but there are no reviews on it does anybody have it if so how does i play i am trying to decided between the haymaker beta and the unprld recognition


It’s a solid throw, not accepting in any one area. Very smooth. Very wide( great for 5a). It closer resembles the Haymaker X more than the OG. Only thing I felt it needed was maybe more rim weight for stability/longer spin, but I mostly throw bimetal - so my view on that may be a little skewed.

Got it in a 2 pack with the GTR. The main purchase was the GTR, but I didn’t touch it for days when it came in, the Haymaker Beta grabbed the attention.


BUMP. :grinning:

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i ended up getting both


I want the GTR. How is it? And i do agree with everything you said about the Haymaker. The finish is beautiful with a polished area to prevent string friction and cutting. Also, it resembles some of the CLYWs, but feels so unique when you throw it. Great for grinds, but finger spins are not great.


Its an incredibly stable throw. I almost always throw a little off and it’s like this yoyo autocorrets- it’s soooo stable. It’s an more chilled out variant of the Grasshopper, not as fast. I believe it shares the same specs as the Haymaker Beta- so, nice and wide- a good choice for risky tricks or 5a. I don’t do fingerspins so I can’t judge that TBH.

This is a sick video of it in action staring Jonathan Sitanggang:


thx man!


Get one gtr is amazing awesome powerful slightly betterbthen grasshopper gtx