how is my 5A? (introducing next generation tutorial)


that was awesome

that is AMAZING! by the way, what type of video editor did you use, and is the song by, The Avalanches?

Pm me back PLEASE! :wink:

Many thanks,

i used pinnacle studio :wink:
the song is from wax tailor

Awesome! Your 5A is sick!

Next time I’m in France I have to let you know. It would be fun to meet and play some yoyo. Where exactly in France are you located?
(good thing you speak english, my french is so bad)

Whenever you are in Switzerland, let me know. You can crash on my couch LOL

all the best


you are nasty at 5a. when i ckicked on the video i didnt know what to expect. but dude you are amazing at 5a. mad props. man mad props.

thanks guys!
Dafni i live in normandie, 100km from paris :wink:
let me know!

You’re GREAT Guy!!! :o