How fast is your internet connection?

I get about 2500k download and 300k upload with Comcast cable.
I have a wireless setup, but if I connect the computer directly to the router I can get up to
12mps which doesn’t make much sense to me because the wireless-g stuff claims to transfer data a lot faster than 12mps.
share your results here?

router can only go as fast as the service you are getting. doesn’t matter what your router can do.

Right now we’re getting about 32mbps down and 8 mbps up.

I average about 5 kbs down and a bit less up.

Fun times.

Thanks goodness for cache.

i dont mean to brag but…

Slow as a snail.

Admin Edit: I don’t think that response was appropriate.


16 Mbit down an 0.8 Mbit up

I don’t really see the point in having such good download speed when the upload is that terrible. At the moment I am back at my dads house though, so I’m rocking his amazing 2/2 radiobroadband.


My ISP is a WISP(wireless) and thanks to all the 802.11a/b/g/n around here(I have 4 access points myself running A, B, G and N so I’m part of the cause), the available channels are slim pickings. They upgraded me to something else, which seems to be working better.

It’s not unusual for me to effectively be down days at a time.

My internet connection is two times faster than yours. :slight_smile:

Mine’s slower than a turtle swimming in molasses.

I also use comcast, I also have wireless setup for my iMac. I am getting 10mps download and 4mps upload. I also have my iPhone and ps3 connected. I play COD online all the time with no issues - all running on wifi. :slight_smile: