How do you tell when a string is worn out?

I have some yellow slick 6 strings. How do I tell when they are worn out?

I don’t want to change them too often, but I don’t want to waste my time fumbling tricks b/c my string is worn out…

So how do I know?

When it begins to fray and wear out a lot. Maybe if it’s losing its color. When it just doesn’t feel like it’s playing like it should or did.

It can be tough to know when you start yoyoing. I sure did. =]

Like Kim-Lan said, it’s easiest to tell when the string is frayed. It’ll probably feel much more…I don’t know how to say it… grimy… dirty… or… worn out? It just takes experience. I’d stick with right now, changing the string at least every two days, depending if you play about 2 hours a day, and if you keep the string clean.

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I found that it’s worn off when it gets really really thin, because the extended use over tightens it. Also when it gets dirty, but that depends if you clean your hands or not jajaja.
And when it has little pieces coming off.

If you look, your last warning is that the string is missing chunks of it, and maybe one strand came out.

The last call is when you are playing and you realize the yoyo is not at the end of the string anymore! :smiley:

I meant warning, not truth.

In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory, but in practice, there is a difference between theory and practice.

I cant reply. Im still thinking about that last post, i dont get it

Also, the string will not be “springy” and you will feel the string as if it is pulling on your finger harder than usual.