How do you strip a Yoyo??

Title says it all.

Do you mean chemically strip or sandpaper strip.
If you mean sandpaper stripping, it’s pretty simple. Start out by mounting the yoyo on a drill and then apply a low grit sandpaper and gradually get to a higher grits, then go to wet sandpaper, and if that isnt enough, apply a tiny bit of steel wool for about ten seconds. It all sounds good in theory, but I’d still direct you to a guide.
For chemical stripping I’d still direct you to a guide, but I can tell you were to search for one, because there are not that many. Search for chemical stripping and it should come up. I found a video that was for race car parts on this forum and it looked great. Also, you could pm yoyospirit and ask him about his technique. Trust me, I’ve seen photos and the Yoyos he does that to look great.

I would recommend just stripping it using sandpaper. Sure chemicals can be used, but they are quite harmful and Icthus and Kyo don’t like me telling people :wink:

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Look, this question has been answered many times recently. It involves potentially hazardous chemicals and should require adult supervision and adequate ventilation. If not closely monitored, can cause damage to the metal that would require additional efforts to resolve.

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