How do you make bearings louder?

This may sound stupid, but I have bearings, and I kinda dont like how there to quiet (my preference) and I want to make them louder. How can I do this?

I guess if you cleaned them and didn’t lube them after, they would be loud

I cleaned them, and they became quiet. haha thats whats real weird…

well they tend to be more quiet if you don’t lube them…

I don’t think you can make them louder without putting stuff inside

edit: what bearing is it?

Its an unknown bearing. haha I have the shields off right now.

find dirt. put it in dirt. instant loudness but no spin

Find a really small pick-up. Magnetic might work best, but who knows, maybe an acoustic type might be good. It’s gotta be really small though as you’ve got serious size constraints.

Find a compact RF transmitter to broadcast the signal. I’d say with the frequency range, companding won’t be a concern or issue. You might want to make it frequency agile and use it with a dual diversity receiver to improve signal reception. External LPDA antennas work best, coupled to an antenna amp/distro unit, but might not be absolutely necessary.

Find a battery that is still compact but powerful enough to give you at least an hour per battery.

Connect to a professional mixing console going to a large PA. I can run it to my 13,200 watt mains, and cover 2500 people no problem. That gonna be loud enough for ya?

Thanks this worked great! haha

It needs to be a little louder

Get a 10 ball, clean it, don’t lube it and it will be loud.

Why a ten ball? Ten balls are meant to be quiet.

have you ever played a perfectly dry 10 ball?

trust me, its loud

See. I didn’t even clean one of mine and it got loud from playing it for 3-4 hours per day for about a week.

How’s a 140dB C-weighted at the back of the venue at peak?
(I prefer to keep my mixes around 98-107db, save the ears, but you’ll still feel the bass kick you in the chest nice and clean like a mule!)

Put in some sand and seal it with the shield? :stuck_out_tongue:

When you clean your bearing blow it dry with compressed air.

LOL I wish I had this problem. :stuck_out_tongue: