How do you get the bearing out of counter attack?


I was wondering how you get the bearing out of the counter attack because i wanted to put the centertrac to better use


You throw it against the wall VERY hard.


You have to remove the spacers to remove the bearing.


thanks for the help


I love the under 15 part, lol i could do this in my sleep and im under 15.


You could use pliers VERY CAREFULLY. I used that to get my bearing out of my protostar before i got a multitool. Or the string method, it’s in the list of useful modifications.


My counter attack doesn’t have any spacers.


Good luck. If not mistaken they all have spacers if not I would love a picture.


Just checked, mine certainly does.


Oh never mind. I didn’t know that those were the spacers.


Yonut that is bad advice! Don’t try to make him break his yoyo! We are here to help people. Not to give bad advice! Take the spacers out if their attached to the bearing if not use plyers, or a bearing removal tool! :smiley: :smiley:


Wedge something (carefully) in between the bearing and the spacers. Guitar picks work well. Think plastic not metal or you will damage the spacers.