How do you get spacers off a fast 201?

A couple of my friends have them, and there bearings are acting like crap. How would one remove the spacers? They are like permanently welded to the bearing.

I don’t have a Fast201. But I would assume it’s like with other YYF’s. Use a thin blade or pin and gently and patiently pry things apart. Take your time.

Chris, just wondering if the spacers are the same as a FHZ… those extra spacers that come in the Package? I have a PGM coming in and I know I will probably put a different bearing in. I am guessing the PGM has that glued on setup with the bearing.

Thinking again… maybe not. FHZ is a “A” bearing.

Anyways… heres a vid on how to separate the spacers…

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FAST 201 is definitely have the A sized bearing, the same size with the one in loop 720 and hayabusa. The spacer is very thin though. I use scissors to cut between the bearing and the spacer and separate them easily.

Yes and if one spacer is stuck in the yoyo opposite of axle you can pout the axle removal tool of a multi tool in the hold then turn sideways and pry up, make a vid if you want.