How do you get all these rare never seen yoyos?

How do you?
I saw a Raw Pre-Production Dv888 in the B/s/t and was wondering how you get yoyos like this.

Generally people that are sponsored get in on these special deals. It more then likely was a yyf worker of person sponsored by them. ;D

here is how.


No, I wasn’t meaning any Pre-Productions. A Raw Pre-Poduction Dv888. Or something that isn’t sold oin stores.

Also, for future reference, don’t post links to other yoyo stores if we sell the item.

probalbly sponcership, and or getting them at contests. ask yoshi because he gets cool pre release yoyos. :wink:

i have seen them at competitions

Most of the cool stuff is given to sponsored people, friends of the company, etc… which eventually gets traded to other people and so on.

Sometimes you’ll see special yoyos given out as prizes as well, which again eventually get traded out to other people and spread around.

Really these days all it takes to get a special yo-yo is a bit of cash.


yeah some $ will do the job :wink:

Yeah, I have a friend that had a worlds 2006(I’m pretty sure) speeder. He said Yoshi gave it to him :o

Another unmentioned thing is that you could be really good friends with the owner of the company or a sponsored player. For Example Ernie gave out some BA Hatricks to good friends of General-Yo. Probably not for free but yeah.

Not cool. This thread is over 1 year old. :wink:

~James Reed!

Sorry, I didn’t see that the thread was a year old. :-[

Being good friends with the manufacturer is how I get me.
by the end of the week I’ll have 1 of 10 Muffin Top.
And a prototype KC Dert. Gotta love that Russ Andert.

Yes basically you are friends with a manufacturer or someone who is sponsored. I was hanging out with a guy who was sponsored by Werrd, and I got to throw a few of the prototypes that aren’t even in production yet. I didn’t receive any (crap…) but I did get to throw a few tricks with them :slight_smile:

Isn’t every Pre-Production raw metal?

From time to time, I look on ebay… you’ll never know whats up for sale there.