How can I get sponsored

I would love to be sponsored Andre… how do I get sponsored by any yoyo company

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Simple…Practice Practice Practice…Get yourself known…enter contests…etc…

basic terms
~gorrilla_Yo :wink:

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First of all you don’t do this. ^
Practice, make friends with the company’s, post videos and get yourself out there.
But never ask to be sponsored thats what I always heard.

exactly thats corect^

How exactly do you become friends with the company

Go to contests… Help said company set up their booth, talk to everyone from the company at the booth,…

Get to know team players. I know Nate Sutter, Pete Berlinhoff, and Brandon Jackson all pretty well.

By the company I mean with the owners and the team, for example One Drop Designs I was able to talk to Shawn and David the owner and the machinist of One Drop. I also talked to Paul Dang and Colin.
With Yoyofactory I made good friends with Tyler Severance, Augie Fash, and Ben Mcphee and the owner YoHans, so on and so on. The one thing I never asked these people is “Can you sponsor ME!”
If they like what you do for the yoyo community and help promote their product they will come to you.
Have Fun And Yo To The Fullest!

all i did was fist bump with Ernie from Generalyo. but hey that is a great company. my friend got sponsored by him

Just develop your own style and tricks and put out a lot of videos.

There are A LOT of people who get sponsored by companies they aren’t “friends” with (not that that is a bad idea).

I agree with what’s said above.

1.) For some reason… asking to be sponsored just sorta lowers your chances a little. It seems a bit as if you’re asking for free yoyos at times and so much as if you want to be on a team for the experience and fun times.

2.) Having a unique style most likely helps. It brings forth attention from other players/owners

3.) Competing and making videos helps a lot. Get on stage or get known by the other yoyoers. The companies want their yoyos to be advertised (in a good way) so they can sell more of them and have a good reputation. They aren’t looking for people who are going to be jerks to everyong they talk to. That might give other’s bad thoughts about the company.

4.) One of the best ways to get sponsored is to not ask them. Let them ask you. You have a better chance if they find out about you than if you just straight up ask them. If you ask them to be sponsored… there’s a 99.9999999999999999999% that they’re going to say NO.

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since i live in portland and i went to the yoyouniversity contest i helped set boths up for onedrop and was able to talk to collin, and now i get personnel lessons from him

Let the company come to you, don’t just ask to be sponsored. Put your self out there, and have a unique style with amazing (like really amazing) tricks. Go to contest and show what you can really do and how good you are. Only a few people have the chance to get sponsored, work hard and you could be one of them.

Good words of advice guys, id LOVE to go to contests and what not. Now I live in Las Vegas, and ive been searching for Weeks and I cant find crap on yoyoing here lol! I’ve made posts and announcements and not ONE reply. Its too bad I live in one of the most popular city’s in the West of the US and yet have I ever ran into any people who yoyo or ever have any comps or anything. Closest place it Cali, which is 5 hrs away. Blahh.

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