Companies giving out free yoyos?

I recently heard that someone get free yoyos in the mail from YYF. Is this true, and if so, how does it work?
BTW, where are the companies’ headquarters? I want to meet them, and maybe buy directly from them.

I’m guessing you were thinking of this.

You’re not going to get free YoYos for no reason. In this case I’m pretty sure it’s because somebody sent back a faulty YoYo. I’m not sure where their headquarters are but I’m pretty sure they don’t sell YoYos directly. You need to buy them from a YoYo shop.

After many hours of scouring the internet I found a good YoYo shop here.

There are several reasons why one might get free yo-yos from YYF.

The person might have gotten a faulty yo-yo, as the person before me suggested, and sent it back to get a new one. Another reason is that they are sponsored from YYF. Sponsored players often get free yo-yos from their sponsor. So yeah, those are all the reasons I can think of right now. Also, sponsored players are usually professional players who are capable of placing high in national or world yo-yo contests. Just to let you know.

I’ve received a free yoyo(2 actually) from YYF. My yoyo had a problem with the spacers which rendered it useless so they sent me 2 Pre-production yoyos of the same model and were very nice about it. I’ve heard some people having trouble contacting them, but I suggest your keep trying, they are all great people who strive to do there best and really handle any problems you have with there products. I’m not such a big fan of some of their yoyos as I am of say One Drop, but they are probably one of my favorite “big” company, whether it be yoyos or anything, I’m proud to say I throw YoYoFactory.

Sorry for the rant. Move along now…

The yoyofactory head quarters are in Arizona but they dont really allow visitors because of insurance issues, if you are in the area pm me and I could tell you where you could buy some yoyofactory yoyos locally but you probably couldnt buy direct unless you are starting a store and want to buy in bulk.

They sell direct at some contests, like BAC.