how do magic yoyo konkaves compare with legit konkaves?


just wondering if its similar, because i havent tried a real konkave before (dont think the trifecta counts)


Before it gets nuked.
The quality on true KKs is way better.
Less upkeep in my opinion.


I’ve only ever had two genuine KK bearings - both of them have completely seized up.

Not sure if they’re the same as the Magic yoyo bearings, but I have been through tons of Aoda and Auldey concaves and never had a problem. In fact, some of my best playing bearings seem to be these cheap “crappy” Chinese bearings. My yoyo friends who have tried them agree too.


I haven’t put enough time on my Magic Yoyos(I have all of them), but I feel that compared to other yoyos with real KK’s(either stock or I added), I think the real KK’s play smoother. If one of these Chinese ones ever lock-up on me, I’ll just go buy a bunch of real KK’s to pop in them. I may do that anyways if I get a decent price in bulk. As is, I have at least 3 yoyos I want to put KK’s in anyways. I’m usually suspicious of bearings that ship without shields.


U-groove track bearings have been around years before bearings were put in yoyos.
Several manufactures make them in many sizes and configurations.


Besides my Terrapin X bearing (which I need to get more of), Chinese concaves are my best bearings. IMO, better than Dif kks. I’ve had 3 kks, 1 C, 1 Metric, and 1 C ceramic. The two Cs locked up and the metric needed to be cleaned quite often.

I’ve never had problems with my knockoff concaves, other than a regular cleaning (every couple of months).

I don’t have re-shield my bearings nor do I use any lube.


To be honest they probably all come from the same factory and wholesale at $.50 a piece, so basically the same. Even if genuine KKs were slightly better, they’re not 10x better which is about what you’re paying compared to just getting them shipped from China.


Magic’s 10 balls KK are the smoothest, longest spinning thing I’ve ever put in one of my throws.

the downside of it is that they’re unequal, some are very good (most), but every now and then I got a few that didn’t spin that well.

not sure you’ll get the reference but it’s like comparing a car on street tires, with the same car on slicks, it’s that big of a difference.

In europe or asia, I’m pretty sure everyone use them now

the first time I popped one in a throw, I was doing my regular stuff and usually I know when to bind, I tend to bind fairly late when there is almost no spin left, so I went and did a bind and the yoyo snapped back quickly in my hand, it clearly had tons of spin left.

a 10 balls KK will turn an average throw into a good throw and an excellent throw into a monster.

Try putting one in a protostar, just for laughs


The two Magic YoYo’s I bought both came with non-stainless steel 8-ball concave bearings. They didn’t play great stock but a clean may have been all they needed. As they weren’t stainless steel I could already see they were tarnishing so switched them out.

I know Magic YoYo also sell 10-ball stainless steel bearings and I imagine these are probably good quality. I currently use Chinese Speed Team 10-ball bearings in most of my yoyos and they play great, prefer them to the one KK I have. Wouldn’t be surprised if Magic YoYo and Speed Team 10-balls are exactly the same.


I wouldn’t be surprised either to be honest

I have a couple of terrapin, which are nice, I like the flat-ish design with the small groove, I did a spin time contest once with an H5 and a terrapin in it, I think I ended in the top 3 even tho my throw wasn’t that good (still isn’t)

my only thing with terrapins is the price, I really think that over $10 retail for a bearing is overkill.

I have yet to try that toxic bearing


Keep in mind I buy only ABEC rated bearings then cut the profile. As bearings are rated after manufacturing if I were to have them made that way, as specialty bearings, I would have to buy the whole run good and bad.
Every TX bearing is tested prior to shipping. Some still don’t make it.
People who buy direct get the price you suggested, shipped US. PM me…