How do I remove Big Deal Hubstacks?

Does anyone know how to get the hubstacks off of a Big Deal. While amusing to look at, his thing plays horrifically. Thinking removing the stacks might help stabilize it, but there looks like there are springs or something inside the stacks. Any help would be appreciated. ???

nevermind. I figured it out. they’re just like regular stack, except instead of a rubber retaining rinc, they have a microscopic o ring. I’ts black and you will never find it in the carpet. however you can meke a new one out of a staple. works fine. plays much better without the stacks but with the stack bearings left on.

you pull lol, sorry i know you figured it out but i couldn’t resist. :]

Yeah, except that the c-rings aren’t as strong as the plastic caps grip on the bearing. If you try to yank them off you’ll destroy the c-ring and have to make or buy another. you have to take a pen or something small and thin, and put it in the hole in the caps against the bearing, to brace the bearing as you pull the cap off. otherwise the while thing comes apart.