help with the big deal

Hi everyone, I have a question. i got the new big deal from yyf last Thursday and have been playing with it quite a bit. today when i was working on cold fusion with it the hub stack poped off. from the look of it i need a little c clamp to keep it in there. is there anyplace i could buy one of these? its totally off balance now because the hub just flies off when i try to do something with it. thanks for your help.

You need a small O-ring.

What he said. On the end of the hubstack post is a little groove where an o-ring goes after you put the hubstack on. This is the main thing that keeps the hubstack on. If you lost the o-ring, carefully take the other hubstack off and bring the o-ring to Home Depot or Ace Hardware or something and show it to them and say you need another one and they’ll be able to hook you up.

Did you get your axle problem fixed?

Different guy

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thanks for the help guys, but it’s not a o ring. it is a little peace of metal, like how they keep the sides of the bearings on, only a little thicker. thanks again.