How do I meet Andre Boulay in peron?

I want to meet Andre Boulay in person. I’m thinning about going to worlds in 2016,is that a good idea, I’ll meet him there, right

It’s possible, but I went to MA States and saw him. Eric Koloski gave him a baby shower there. Sort of. :wink: Andre Boulay walked right by me. I was like " :o ER MEH GERD So cool" he smiled at me. I’m not bragging, I just found it pretty cool. But, I would go to Ma States

If you want to meet him sooner just come to any event that is in and around the Northampton area in the near future. NER (North East Regionals) is in April and MA States is in June. There is also a monthy meet that takes place on the 2nd Friday of the month. There are many, many chances to meet him!!!

Im going to NER this year. Ill be sure hell be there for you to meet and hug.

Im going to! hhaha

I met him at Indiana states. Nicest guy I’ve ever met. Such a pleasure to talk to him.

My friend met him at nationals. He said he was really awesome.
Oh ya, and he let him try his (andrè) dimondback. While my friend was trying it, he got hit in the face hard in front of him :slight_smile:
That might have been hard to follow…

Andre is my favorite person to talk to at contests. Fortunately there’s lots of chances to meet him. He attends lots of contests here in the mid-east.

Find a contest that YYE will have a booth at. Up until July of 2013, you could pretty much guarantee Andre would be at the contest, either running the booth, judging or some combination of both.

With the latest reconfiguration of the Boulay family unit, this might change for a while as priorities have been justifiably shuffled. I’m sure that things will get back to “the way they were before” as the years go on.

BAC 2012, Nationals 2012, CalStates 2013 and BAC 2013 I’ve run into Andre so far. The only other contest I’ve attended that he wasn’t at was CalStates 2012. Considering he’s having to hop coasts to get there, it’s not always in his best interest to be everywhere all the time. I do hope YYE will have a booth at Nationals 2013.

Plant an oak tree at a cross roads. Wait until a sapling starts to grow, then leave a DM2 under it at dusk. Legend has it that, if he finds your offering acceptable, Andre will meet you there under the light of the full moon.

Yeah, you know this approach didn’t work for me. The only one who showed was some very hairy drooling guy in a tattered shirt with tall ears and really long dirty fingernails. The encounter was quite acrimonious as I recall.

No that was Andre - it was right after his son was born and he hadn’t slept in like two weeks.

What happened to meet-and-greet?

My dad was talking to him for like 20 min at nationals not knowing he was talking to one of the most famous yoyoing guys in the world.

He seems to be very well traveled, so you should be able to meet him sometime soon. In the YYE blog, they usually indicate when he will be attending a contest or event, so you should keep an eye out for a heads up where he will be next.

He’s very down to earth, and will exceed your expectations. Definitely someone you want to meet.

I saw him working the booth at Cal States. I didn’t talk to him though.

I’ve seen him at NER and MAS. At MAS we exchanged greeting briefly, but he seemed pretty busy most of the time so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him beyond that. When you do meet him, though, ask him to show you his looping. It’s awesome.

NER is Z-Games, Right? I’m going in that case.

Yes it is