How do I make yoyo shims?

I have been trying to make yoyo shims out of a paper plate with an xacto knife. This does not work at all. I need something that makes circles. With the xacto knife, I didn’t have much trouble with making the inside circles, but when I tried to make the outside circle it always cut into the center circle. I was wondering if any one knows what to use to make a good shape for my yoyo. THANKYOU

I’m not sure if this would even work but it can’t hurt to try. A while back I had to make some small rings out of heavy card stock which were only about 7mm in diameter with a center whole about 2mm in diameter. I went to Michaels art supply store and they had a hole punch that allowed you to make small holes and change out the tip to make different size holes. I am sure if you picked this type of punch up you would be able to make a bunch of small paper discs and then use a compass to find the center of each disc and punch a smaller hole in each one.

Like I said, never tried it but can’t hurt to give it a shot. If I can find the hole punch I will post a pic for you so you can see what I am talking about.

Couldn’t find what I used but this one is very similar and its on amazon

You can buy small hard brass and steel tubing in short lengths. Diameters run from about 1/16 inch up to maybe 1/2 inch. Look for a size that works. Use a fine file to sharpen the edge. Place the sharp edge on the paper and twist the tube between your fingers. this will cut a very nice circular piece out of the paper.

Simply go to a Harbor Freight or other tool store and buy a small hole punch set. It’s all you need. They will punch all kinds of material. It’s what I use.
Or I make them out of copper on my lathe.

Do correct me if I’m wrong, as I probably am.

Isn’t copper a relatively soft metal? I’d be concerned about the copper deforming by users cranking the halves down.

No different than the paper type shims that yyj made. Or using credit card shims. It’s actually harder than those materials. Works just fine for me.

Cool. I do have some shims anyways, but always good to know there are alternatives. I would not have even thought to use copper.

I have something I buy that I trim down to make them. Not an easy task as they are very small but very doable. Thickness is the issue. That’s the hardest to deal with.