So how EXACTLY should you make shims for a fixed-axle?

^^ I’ve heard you can make paper ones…. what else? How do you do it exactly?

I also saw Ed Haponik post in one of his vids that you can make shims for fixed.


I use a paper punch to cut the small circle, then I use a small brass tube sharpened on one end to cut a hole in the middle for the axle. You can also use thin cardboard stock or thin plastic packaging in place of the paper. Sometimes the paper gets thinner over time from tightening the yoyo.

If you don’t have a punch of the right size you could get a brass tube of the right size and sharpen it. Use that to cut the piece you need. To cut, you spin the tube between your fingers.

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And do you just do layers of paper shims until you get what you want?

Yes, add layers as needed. Generally the packaging film/plastic is a bit thicker, or use thin cardboard stock (like in manilla folders).