How Can I make my breakaway swing more?

Yes I do it slow, and all. I reach out and I know how to do it… But how can i make it swing even MORE? I’ve been practicing my Double or Nothing alot! But every time I swing my breakaway to go over my finger, my yo yo doesn’t reach so far that it goes over my other finger… It just goes into a trapeze… So then I put my finger closer to the starting of the string so it can swing more over, but all it does is swings up and then goes back down…! And then if it does go over, I end up getting hit and one more bruise added to my hands… Help? :-\

More momentum and use your hands to keep the yoyo swinging around. Don’t just stand still hoping it will go around by itself.

Wait… how do I use my hands to keep the yo yo swinging around?

Like as if you are swinging a dead yoyo around your hands multiple times.

What I do is I put my hands a little closer together as it comes around so it get’s more momentum

swing both your hands in a circular motion with the yoyo