How can I contact people with onedrop?

hi guys! So, I am a 12 year old yoyo-er who has been throwing for 3 years and going. I have always wanted to work out a sponsorship deal with onedrop. The company has a great community and I feel as if I could contribute a lot to the community. I would love it if I could contact some people from onedrop, to get to know the community better, and find out what it takes to go pro. Yoyoing for me is my life. I yoyo every day all day, and it would be great if I could enjoy it even more!


No no no no no. Hold up.

I know you’re younger and maybe even new here as well, but before everyone else antagonizes you for this post, I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s a BIG no-no in the yoyo world to go around asking for sponsorships or anything related. If you’re the type of person that asks to be sponsored or how to be sponsored, you probably shouldn’t be sponsored.

If you want to be sponsored DON’T ask for it and DON’T ask how to be sponsored. If you want to be sponsored get your name out there by winning big contests or making somewhat decent videos, preferably both. If you don’t do that, don’t even waste your time THINKING about being sponsored. Just be a good, helpful member of the community on top of all that… and above all don’t make these type of posts.

Let the companies come to you, don’t go to the companies.

I’m sorry if you weren’t expecting this type of response but I tried to make it as nice as possible compared to what I’ve seen in past threads when people ask this type of question.

Please stop spamming this post. You aren’t going about it the right way. Generally, you [size=10pt]NEVER [/size] ask for a sponsorship. Most of the time, children are the ones to do this, which you state you are, and this just shows immaturity. The company will contact you if they are interested. What you are doing is considered bad form.

Now, on to the helping portion. I’m not sponsored, but I believe to do so, you have to get noticed. You can do that through making videos, winning contests (this is a big one, I assume), and just generally making a name for yourself in the community.

I am very sad to say that making this sort of post, often guarantees zero chance of sponsorship, as this sort of post is exactly what companies are not looking for.

Lesson to many we can learn today: “never openly ask for sponsorships.” This isn’t the skate community, we don’t do “sponsor me” post and videos.

Best of luck.


I made a “sponsor me” video and sent it to Loaded Longboards… They didn’t sponsor me but they sent me a bunch of free swag!

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I am so sorry to everyone. I am a little new to the yoyo community, first contest I competed in 1a in was this year. I know now that I shouldn’t post stuff like this.