How are you? Good? Me too!

({John15}) #21

I love Thai chilies. Any specific recommendations?

({John15}) #22

At least that was only like 10 bucks down the drain

@Bearly Did you post about this on Reddit a while back? This sounds familiar

(Alexander) #23

I have a bunch of friends who like them. I haven’t really given them a chance

(Goodnight Garrett) #24

Probably. I won’t shut up about how my puffin got stolen

({John15}) #25

Guy probably got down the street and tried to put just the loop around his finger without tying the slipknot, let the yoyo just drop from his hand, hit the ground with it, and tried to tug it back violently probably dinging it over and over again with no luck getting it to wind back up.

Then he probably threw it over his shoulder and said “This stupid thing doesn’t even work”. It definitely bounced several times on the concrete sidewalk he was standing on, and then bounced into the street where it continued to roll. But the location was actually on top of a big hill, so it rolled and rolled and bounced and rolled faster and faster until it slammed into the side of a brick building at the bottom of the street, bounced back and landed on the sidewalk.

A person riding a bike came by and ran over it, causing it to fly back into the roadway where it was hit by a moving garbage truck, it shot waaaaay down the block and eventually busted through a window and landed in a toilet, that just so happened to be the only toilet in this restroom…

Then Larry busted through the door in a hurry. Larry was a big man. The restroom was located in the back of a truck stop diner. That day was sloppy Joe day at the diner.

RIP Puffin.


You know a little too much about this…

I once thought I lost a yoyo and I was furiously frustrated with myself. I found it on the back seat of my car the next day. It fell out of my EDC bag. Today, I could not find my small Sudoku book that I’ve been working in for a year. It had dates and times I worked on the puzzles scribbled in the margins. I kept this book in my EDC bag and I’m hoping I put it with some stuff at work. The thought of losing it makes me sick.

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #27

I love the style of broth that they make. It goes great with rice

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #28

I like that this thread is coming back again

(Goodnight Garrett) #29

I live on a big hill so that’s not too far off. But I’ve recovered, ive got a sweet collection now of wonderful throws and two puffins that will never leave my sight

({John15}) #30

Spoiler alert: I’m the Puffin

({John15}) #31

I love rice noodles, like pho. But that’s Vietnamese isn’t it?




Ramen is the duct tape of the food world. It can be used 100’s of ways.

(Justin ) #34

I’m a fan!! I don’t listen to them as much as I used to, but I still enjoy their songs.

Hello! How are ya’ll!

Thank me


I am a fan of hot sauce in my tomato soup with rice. I’ve noticed that I have absolutely horrifying nightmares if I eat this dish in the evening. I have a wild imagination but the content of these nightmares is more disturbing than anything I could make up. I’ve looked into how eating spicy foods in the evening can affect REM sleep, blah dee blah, etc. but the horrific nightmares…why? I know, don’t put the hot sauce in my food. Where does the actual content of nightmares come from? I know…my brain…is there more to it? Do the chemicals in hot sauce open doors of horror in my brain? Do the chemicals in hot sauce open a portal or act as hallucigens? I know someone who has nightmares if they eat a donut from Wawa in the evening.

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Who else likes lofi hiphop, xxxtentacion and shiloh dynasty-music?


I somehow lost the other half of my supernova does anyone want to help me find it? It’s grey with gold splash, if you see it please give me a ring.

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