How are these people finding out what's in Champions Collection wave 3

Just post a URL to where you found out please! Thanks!

Dude. Andrew(yoyokid8) was just saying that he thought a delrin super g would be cool, and that if Yoyofactory Ben saw the post, that he should consider making one, and releasing it as part of a new champions collection.

Oooooooohhhhhhh thanks!

I’ll Pm Ben

Don’t bother. Just chill and wait.

Maybe yoyo instead???


There hasn’t been a YoYoFactory Champions collection wave 3 announced yet. Someone just said it would be cool. Calm down.

Wave 3 is happening. It won’t all come at once like wave 1 and 2, more like evenly spaced ‘swells’.

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You can get a sneak peak of the third wave in this video:


well played sir, well played.

Can’t believe I fell for that.

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Wow. Got me good.


For some reason ,I’m sensing a Rick Roll…

Oh yeah you totally didn’t click that and are just amazing at guessing.


Actually neither ,I could just tell by the way everyone else was reacting. :smiley: