How are the shinwoo, General yo, and C3 response pads?

How are the shinwoo, General yo, and C3 response pads? How are any of them worse than the YYF ones? They are cheaper… Would you say to chose one of them instead of YYF ones for their price? And will they all work in my shutter and g funk? Do they all last just as long? Thanks!

The Shinwoo p pads are my favorite, they are not stickers they press fit and I have yet to have a pair fall out. They also are not super grippy like some other pads and they last for as long as cbc white pads.

Hm. And they are also a good 70 cents less expensive… Anyone else have any experience with them?

Has anyone else tried the general yo or C3?

General Yo- Very nice. Last for a while and provide great tight binds. In the 2 YoYos that I have that fit them, I’ve never had to replace them.

C3- Snow tires are based of of these. Very tight binds, a bit of a break in, and are basically snow tires in a different size.

Wait, so neither of them fit the shutter?

General Yo pads will not fit the Shutter… You need 19mm pads for the Shutter.

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Ok wow i didn’t het that. Thanks!

Most of the time, you can’t put other companies pads in a different yoyo. Each company makes their own pads. Yes, there is a push for everyone to go to the 19mm YYF/YYJ standard but that probably won’t happen for a long time.

If you want a pad upgrade, try the IrPad response. They make various pad sizes for all the major companies. They are extremely high quality and awesome pads, I love them.

If you want something cheaper, you’re out of luck. Just go with the ones the company provides.

C3 makes 19mm pads and Shin woo P pads are 19 mm and fit perfectly in my 19 mm throws, o bad they’re out of stock

I’m not looking for an updated pad, im looking for about the same for less money. I think that I’m going to have a 25$ gift card, so take 3 off for shipping, 16 off for kitty string, i have 6 dollars left… Pads.Ll

Buy Kitty 1.5 it’s so good and last’s longer. Also just go with two pairs of Natural CBC’s they last longer and break in quickly.

Thats the YYF ones?

yes they are the YYF ones

Shinwoo pads in my Techno 2’s: hate them. siliconed the yoyos, they play better now. Not a fair assessment though as I only have budget models. But, those rubber rings I do not like.
General Yo, C3: they work fine. No issues.

YYF pads: Hey, it works, why worry about it? What’s nice is they are a fairly standard pad that can be used with many other yoyos. Same with YYJ pads, and Buddha pads. I left out IrPads only because they carry pads for multiple brands so I had to mention that separately.

I usually just use flowable silicone when I can anyways when I can. If not, I try to keep a small supply of pads just in case.

The pads I am referring to are not the blue rubber ones but rather 19 mm slim pad clear things they call them p - pads

I didn’t know C3 makes 19mm sized pads, YYE only had the standard C3 size ( not 19mm ) last I looked.

it is on a drop down menu in under c3 pads

here’s a link:

also it looks like the Monkey Fist uses the Shinwoo pads I am talking about the P pads

I only use CBC pads. I have never tried anything else, and I don’t want to either.

Ol ill just get 2 pairs of cbc’s (that is if im getting the 25$ i’m expecting) Thank you guys!