How am I doing?

I’ve been throwing for about 2 months now and my best/favorite tricks are skin the gerbil, Buddahs Revenge, Cold Fusion, Wrist Whip, Plastic Whip, Matrix and Ninja Vanish. How am I doing for 2 months?

Are you having fun?

If so, you’re doing great.


what he said.

Just remember, one thing polished is always better than many dull.

Your doing great I know I couldn’t do that at 2 months!

Doing tricks and doing them well are two different things. If you can, make a video and watch it, see how smooth you think you are. You are your own judge. There is no speed at which you should learn.

Gold rings.

I feel like everything you say is just inane nonsense.

I guess I should just leave the forum then…

Bye guys.

What he said made sense to me…

If you really are leaving.

Bye. I love you and I’ll miss you.

This is very very true!!
A mastered kwijibo is much more impressive than a clunky white Buddha.

Stop, you’re going to make me cry.

Whether you’ve just learned trapeze or ladder escape, your doing great. You’ll soon understand that yoyoing isn’t competitive. I was all worried how ahead I was of other yoyoers, but there will always be people better than you and people behind you. Hapoy yoyoing!

Don’t let the sliding glass door hit you on your way out.

What He Said. :smiley:

Did you mark your account for deletion?

Even if you stink at least make sure you look good doing it.